Getting Over That Post-holiday Funk

The kids have just been dropped off at school for the first day of term. There’s visions of a day of peace and quiet, and getting the house back in order. Then it hits: the post-holiday funk.

There’s bags to unpack, massive piles of washing, a ridiculous number of unread emails, and don’t forget all the day-to-day chores that still need to be done. Blegh! There’s too much to do and it’s overwhelming.

7 Steps for getting over that Post Holiday Funk. Your vacation was great, but now it's time to get back to everyday life.

We spent the last two weeks on an epic camping holiday, seeing the sights of Western Australia. We drove 4000kms (2500 miles), visiting Karijini National Park, Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef, before heading south to Pemberton for a weekend away with friends.

Holiday photos from Karijini National Park

After all the beauty of Western Australia, the day-to-day of home life is not so satisfying. It’s hard to focus on the routine, and get back to “normal”. The post-holiday blues have set in, and I’m stuffing around doing not much.

Holiday photos from Karijini National Park and Exmouth

But it’s time to get on with it. Here’s how to deal with the Post-Holiday Funk.

  1. Pack the holiday away. Don’t leave traces of your holiday around. Unpack your bags and put everything away. Check out my post on 12 Steps to Post-Vacation Organisation to get on track.
  2. Get the laundry going. The washing feels relentless no matter what, and catching up from holidays is not easy. It doesn’t take too long to get that first load in the machine. It’s a small job that feels like progress (and I love a quick win).
  3. Select a chore and a time limit. What job is most annoying you? How much time do you want to spend on it? Set the timer and get working. Stop stuffing around, and get on with it!
  4. Pick the next thing that needs to get done. Repeat step 3.
  5. Spoil yourself. Take a break and relax with your favourite drink or snack. Don’t lose that holiday vibe totally. Sort through your photos, or reflect on the fun you had.
  6. Remember the joy of your own bed. If you still wish you were on holiday, reflect on how much you missed your bed and your pillow. There’s nothing quite like returning to your own bed. Focus on that to be happier to be back at home!
  7. Drink some water. Whenever I’m on holidays, I never drink enough water. It’s the fear of not knowing where the next toilet will be. It’s hard to focus when you’re dehydrated, so get those water levels back up.

It can be a tough transition from holiday mode back to everyday life. What are your tips for dealing with Post-Holiday Funk?