Guest Me Me Me-er: Jess (Craftiness is not Optional)

My next guest for Me Me Me Month is Jess from Craftiness is not Optional, another must-read blog for me. She makes the sweetest clothes (with tutorials!!) for her two adorable girls (I must admit, I’ve tried to set Little Man up with Sadie at the ripe old age of 2). Let’s see what Jess likes to make for herself:


Hi there! My name is Jess, and I blog over at Craftiness is not Optional. I also spend most of my free time sewing up a storm for my kids. I have two adorable little girls, Sadie and Charlotte, so of course, they need dozens of tops, dresses, and skirts, right? Well, probably not, but I have a blast clothing them anyways. Confession: I don’t sew for myself much. It’s so much easier to sew for kids-they have no curves! Honestly I don’t know how to sew for an adult shape very well….lol. Plus it takes much less fabric to sew for kids….but I digress. This post is supposed to be about me, right? The things I DO enjoy to sew for myself tend to be skirts, bags, and the occasional shirt.

This lovely yellow number is one of my favorite skirts to wear! So swishy and fun with the tie!

I recently made this 241 tote for myself, though I’m still tied to my diaper bag so I’m not quite sure when it will get used…nevertheless it’s nice to know it’s there when I’m ready to get rid of ye ol’ diaper bag.

And this wrap top is actually one of my favorite shirts! It is comfy and cute. and grey. I think half my wardrobe has grey on it somewhere. I’m obsessed! It’s the new black! (or…whatever was the new cool color, I’m not into fashion much)

I selfishly made myself this gathered clutch last year for my birthday and love it. It’s one of those lovely things you could just stare at and enjoy the fabrics. It does get used though. Quite a workhorse! So there are some of the things I’ve made for myself. Kind of a short list. I guess I need to make some more time for some “me” sewing! After all, I’m worth it! You can see more of my sewing for me projects here. (though not a TON more, I think we’ve established that I don’t do a lot of that, lol) Thanks for having me Narelle, and for taking a peek at my selfish sewing projects! I need more of them!



Aren’t Jess’ fabric selections just gorgeous? Thanks for stopping by Jess, and sharing some inspiration! Now all head over and check the cuteness at Craftiness is Not Optional!