Handmade vs Store-bought Toys

We’re heading into Toy Sale season here, and like other parents (and kids), I’m scouring the catalogues for birthday and Christmas present ideas (hopefully at bargain prices!).

Now hang on, you may be thinking… I’m a crafty type… I should be making my own toys…

While I like the idea of that, it just doesn’t work for me. I have limited time and energy, and with my kids getting older, I can’t get away with making their presents in front of them anymore!

But it shouldn’t have to be all or nothing. Some of the best-loved toys in this house are so much fun because they combine handmade with store-bought.

What fun would my felt play mat house be without a pile of store-bought cars zooming around on top?

Felt play mat for cars

How could my cardboard rocket take off into space without a space man doll inside?

Cardboard Rocket

And there’s no point having book ends without lots of great kids books lined up next to them?

Fabric book ends

(Well, ok, the bookends might make good toys to throw around… cheeky monkeys!)

I’m looking forward to one day making clothes for Barbies or Cabbage Patch Kids (or whatever my little girl likes).

So this year, as I scour the catalogues, I’m going to think about what toys my kids will love and how I can add to the fun with handmade creativity.

Where do you stand on handmade versus store bought toys?