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How to Sew a Doll’s Mattress

It’s been a little while since I shared the bedding set I made for my daughter’s doll cot.

Now it’s time for the tutorials for each part, starting with the little mattress.

Sew a doll mattress (20)

I used a foam cushion insert, cut down to size, and a plain pink quilter’s cotton. I made bias tape from some of the cotton to turn into piping for that genuine mattress look. Alternatively

Sew a doll mattress (17)

Now babies (or teddies, or ponies) can sleep on a nice, soft bed. My daughter is much happier about this!

Sew a doll mattress (18)

Here’s the tutorial:


Foam cushion insert or other foam
Quilter’s Cotton
Matching Piping
Matching thread
Sewing machine, ruler, scissors etc

Note: I haven’t included measurements as it depends on the size of your doll and cot. My cot was 18cm x 43cm x 4cm (7 inch x 17 inch x 1.5 inch).


1. Cut two rectangles of quilter’s cotton for the top and bottom of the mattress, adding a 1cm seam allowance to all sides (mine was 20cm x 45cm). Cut strips for the edge of the mattress (mine was 6cm wide and 124cm (18 + 18 + 43 +43 + 2cm seam allowance) long in total. Cut as many strips as you need – it doesn’t need to be one long strip – I used two strips.

Sew a doll mattress (3)

2. Pin the piping around the outside of the top piece for the mattress, onto the RIGHT side of the fabric.

Sew a doll mattress (4)

Clip the fabric of the piping to get a curve at the corners.

Sew a doll mattress (5)

Overlap the ends of the piping, folding over the top edge. Trim the inside cord to give a smooth finish.

Sew a doll mattress (6)

3. Sew the piping into position using a long basting stitch. I use my zipper foot to get nice and close to the piping:

Sew a doll mattress (7)

Sew a doll mattress (8)

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the bottom piece of the the mattress.

5. Sew your edge strips together to form a circle, making sure you don’t have any twists in it!

Sew a doll mattress (10)

6. Pin the edge strip to the top section of the mattress with right sides together:

Sew a doll mattress (11)

7. Sew into place (again, using the zipper foot to get even stitching close to the piping.

Sew a doll mattress (12)

8. Pin the base of the mattress to the other side of the edge strips, with RIGHT sides together.

Sew a doll mattress (13)

You’ll need to leave a gap for turning when you sew this. I like to cross my pins likes this to remind me:

Sew a doll mattress (14)

9. Sew the base to the edge strip, leaving a gap at one end.

Sew a doll mattress (15)

10. Turn the mattress right side out.

Sew a doll mattress (1)

11. Poke the foam insert (cut to size – I used a bread knife for this) into the opening.

Sew a doll mattress (2)

12. Hand-stitch the opening closed.

And there you have cute doll’s mattress.

Sew a doll mattress (19)

Come back soon for the pillow, sheet and quilt tutorials!