Morning Routine

As I’ve said previously, I’ve fallen into a bit of a hole with cleaning at the moment. My first goal in getting the cleaning happening again is to get back into a morning routine.

I have a 14 month old son, so my routine works around his sleep patterns. He normally wakes up at around 7am, and goes down for a nap at about 9am. I like to do my “deep cleaning” when he’s napping, but I need to get a few things around the house sorted before I get into that. Here are the following things I want to get done EVERY DAY before he goes down for his nap.
1. Empty dishwasher (I usually put it on in the evenings).
2. Breakfast dishes into dishwasher.
3. If it’s a laundry day, get a load in the machine and going.
4. Make the beds.
5. Quick clutter pick-up for the area I’m planning to clean

If I can get the above things done, I feel so much better psychologically and am much more willing to tackle the deep cleaning tasks (Why is so much of cleaning psychological to me!). When the above becomes routine, I’ll look at what other tasks to add to my morning routine to make my days go smoother.

So what’s in your morning routine? What things do you have to get done to get your attitude right for the day?