Quick Cleaning Tip – Laundry

Cleaning for me is a lot about doing the little things all the time that make the big jobs easier. That’s what my quick cleaning tips series is all about. Some tips are obvious, but when these habits lapse, household tasks get more difficult and so are more likely to be put off for another day. Here’s today’s tip:

Prepare your clothes to go straight in the washing machine before you put your clothes in the washing basket/hamper/on the mountain of clothes in your laundry. It makes it so much quicker to just throw everything in the machine without handling every piece of clothing. For example:

  • Empty all the pockets
  • Do up any zips or clasps
  • Unroll sleeves and straighten out socks

The hardest part is training your partner and children, and keeping up the momentum once you get in the routine. It takes next to no time, but will make a huge difference to laundry day!