Space-Themed Birthday Party Overview

For my son’s Space-Themed Birthday party, I’ve already shared the activities and games, food and the moon cake. Now I’ll wrap it up with some of the smaller details, such as the invitations and loot bags. Space Party Invitations For the invitations, I took a photo from the NASA website (all their photos are available […]

How to make a 3D Moon Cake with Astronaut

I’ve shared the party games and food for my son’s Space-Themed Birthday Party. Now it’s time for my favourite part – the Moon cake. I originally planned to make a rocket cake, or make the solar system on a sheet, but when I saw this moon cake on Pinterest, I just had to make it. […]

Space-Themed Birthday Party Food

Last week, I shared the games we played for my son’s space-themed birthday party. Today, I’m going to share the space-themed birthday party food. Planets and Space Sugar Cookies I’m always looking for an excuse to make sugar cookies and practice my cookie decorating techniques (which still needs a LOT of practice!). When I started […]

Space-Themed Birthday Party Games

My son just turned 6 and is obsessed with all things Space and Astronomy. It was only natural that he’d have a space-themed birthday party. (He did want a map-themed party, but my husband managed to talk him out of that!) Today, I’m sharing the activities and games for the birthday party. Make a Solar […]