5 minutes/day Bathroom Clean

New house means time for some new and improved cleaning routines. (And a chance for you to take a peek at the bathrooms in our new place!)

I hate cleaning bathrooms. I avoid it, and suddenly have to spend hours scrubbing to get them clean. Inspired by this article from Apartment Therapy, I’m going to try a daily bathroom cleaning routine.

Today, I’m giving both bathrooms a good clean (best to start with a clean slate, and we’ve only been in the house a short time so nothing’s too grotty yet!).

(Kids’ Bathroom)

From tomorrow, after I’ve prettied myself up, I’m going to follow this plan:

1.  Quick tidy up of stray items – hopefully I’ll be able to skip this most days as my husband and I are pretty good at putting things back as we use them. (Note to self: Find a container to put Little Miss’ hair clips and hair bands. Find a basket for the bath toys and encourage the kids to put them away each night!)

2.  Spray counter, shower/bath and toilets (in that order) with bathroom cleaner. Then go back and wipe them down in the same order (hopefully, cleanest to dirtiest!). With regular work, it should just be quick wiping and minimal scrubbing.

3.  Wipe over the mirrors and shine the taps, as needed (maybe 1-2 times per week).

4.  Once a week when changing the towels, give the floors a spray and wipe down with a used towel.

(Parents’ Bathroom – could use a bit of an update!)

To help me along, I’m keeping cleaning cloths and spray in the bathrooms, and toilet cleaner near the toilets. No wasting time traipsing through the house for the right tools!

(Separate Toilet – Hello me in the mirror!)

Now I’m hoping to get 2 bathrooms and a separate toilet cleaned in 5 minutes a day. I’m going to have to move quick (especially with the two little darlings under my feet), but I’d rather spend a little bit of time each day than waste a whole nap-time scrubbing.

I’m debating whether I do all bathrooms each day or alternate between our bathroom and the kids’ bathroom. See how fast I move!

I’m giving myself 30 days to form this habit. I’ll report back in a month with how it’s going!

Do you think I can do it? Do you clean your bathroom a little each day or a big clean weekly/fortnightly/monthly? Any tips?


  1. I am very much like you! My bathrooms were not dirty, nor messy, but just not as clean as they could be. So I started keeping cleaning cloths in my bathroom, but no cleaning supplies…that would really help! It’s all about ease. I’ve always hated spray cleaners for the shower walls, it feels like I’m just adding it to the dirt somehow, but now I’m starting to see the light. 😉

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