Advent Calendar Craft-Along {Finished}

Time for an update on the Advent Calendar Craft-Along. (See the introduction post here, or the last update here).

I finished, and just in the nick of time! I finished hand-stitching the binding before making dinner on 1st December, just in time to hand the first decoration!

Advent Calendar Craft-Along Finished (3)

After my last update, the end was in sight and I felt really motivated to finish this project. The decorations were looking good, and I had 7 more to finish. Unfortunately, some of these were the more detailed ones (which I’d been putting off), like the angel:

Advent Calendar Craft-Along Finished (7)

And the snowman (I decided not to bother with arms for this year!):

Advent Calendar Craft-Along Finished (8)

Two sprigs of holly were also made – I love the sparkle of the sequins:

Advent Calendar Craft-Along Finished (5)

And the second bell was finished off too:

Advent Calendar Craft-Along Finished (6)

I found two sequinned bows in my stash (leftover from the Ribbons and Remnants challenge), so I cheated and turned them into decorations instead of making the strings of lights. My tree was running out of space anyway!

Advent Calendar Craft-Along Finished (4)

I laid out the decorations and worked out where I need to sew the buttons. I decided to use green buttons rather than colourful ones as I wanted the tree to look bare to start with (but I did use a plain star for the top of the tree – I don’t know why, it was just cute!).

Advent Calendar Finished (2)

I marked the place for the buttons with chalk and hand-sewed them all into place.

Advent Calendar Finished (3)

I was originally going to embroidery “Handmade by Mummy, 2014” on the back, but my embroidery skills aren’t the best and I was running out of time. So I backed it with a chevron print in Christmas colours, using a polyester wadding so the print didn’t show through. Then I added the cute candy-cane striped binding.

Advent Calendar Finished (1)

I created a pocket for a dowel to slide through to hand the advent calendar using the bias binding, sewing it into the binding.

Advent Calendar Craft-Along Finished (1)

And now we have a cute advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas!

Advent Calendar Craft-Along Finished (2)

I didn’t quite square it off properly, so it’s a little wonky, but I’m so happy with how it turned out!

What type of advent calendar are you using this year?


  1. This is great…..and something I’d like to make for the nieces one day!!! I LOVED our Advent Calendar growing up, and want these girls to have those fun memories as well… Yours looks terrific!!

  2. Your finished Advent Calander looks wonderful. It must have taken plenty of time and patience to create. I hope in the New Year to start making lovely handcrafted Christmas crafts like you produce and also to get my grandson to progress to more difficult craft. Thank you for all the hints and tutorials.

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