Benefits of Cleaning

It’s easy to think of cleaning as a thankless, endless, monotonous task. But for Me Me Me Month, let’s look at some of the benefits of cleaning.

Clean House = Relaxing House

Clutter, dirt and grime stresses me out. Looking at it makes me think of the work I should be doing. A (mostly) clean house relaxes me. Reading a book, watching TV or doing some crafting is that much more enjoyable when I don’t feel guilty about what needs to be done.

Vacuum Cleaner Silences the Loudest Toddler

When Little Man is having a loud day and I’m struggling to cope with all the noise, getting the vacuum cleaner out actually gives me some respite. He’s still as loud as can be (and sometimes louder!), but that lovely white noise drowns him out and gives me some peace. It’s sounds backwards – make more noise to get peace – but it works for me!

Cleaning = Thinking Time

Cleaning is mindless. Once in a rhythm, I don’t really have to concentrate on what I’m doing and I can get lost in my thoughts. I write blog posts in my head, plan holidays or just let my mind drift to wherever it wants to go. If I’ve got a lot on my mind, the exertion of a bit of physical cleaning together with some thinking time helps me work through it all.

Blank Canvas Increases Creativity

When the toys (including my crafty toys) have been put away, it gives space to think about what we actually want to play with (for both Little Man and me). Emptiness opens up a world of opportunities rather than  me feeling compelled to play with what is in front of me. Or I can look at my supplies and see what I draws me in. It’s not always what I expect!

What benefits do you find in cleaning? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I just found your blog and am your newest follower! Thanks for creating such a fab blog full of inspiration.

  2. No…now I’m the newest follower! 🙂
    It takes so much out of me to actually clean. BUT, when I finally do I feel SO MUCH BETTER! Very accomplished and proud too. I tried a 10 minute blitz schedule, but have not been good at keeping to it. Think I will try it again. Still posted on the fridge. Will look at Thursday’s To-do. Thanks for the jump start!

  3. I like the suggestion that the vac drowns out other noise! LOL. I might just need to vacuum more.
    Stopped by from SITS and loved your felt car mat. Following you now.

  4. Found you through SITS. Happy SITS Day! I am going to implement some of your 10 cleaning tips while I cook tonight. Thanks!

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