Butterfly Cake

With the birthday dress all made, the next important thing for birthday preparations was the cake. Months before her birthday, we looked through the legendary Women’s Weekly Kids’ Party Cakes book for inspiration. Celeste thought every cake was beautiful, so I may or may not have talked up the butterfly cake.

Butterfly Cake (4)

Surprise, surprise, she ended up picking the butterfly cake! She was so enthusiastic that any time someone asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said “butterfly cake”. Her birthday dinner request was also a butterfly cake. I made bowtie pasta and called them butterflies!

A template for the butterfly cake came with the book, but the cakes they make are huge (I think they’re designed to feed 30 kids from school plus your whole family). For our small family gathering, a lamington/slice tray-sized cake was more than enough (although I did have to make two of my favourite chocolate cake recipe to fill the tin).

Butterfly Cake (2)

I then googled a simple colouring page of a butterfly to use as a template and resized it to about the size of the pan. It was still a bit small, but I used it as a guide.

Butterfly Cake (3)

I made up a batch of buttercream, and divided it into three. I put a little bit more colouring (Wilton gel food colouring) in the pink than I planned. It ended up VERY bright, so the yellow and purple had to be bright too!

Butterfly Cake (6)

The buttercream was put into piping bags and I piped it on and then smoothed out the lines a bit (since I’m not the neatest piper!). I started with the body, then the edge of the wings and free-handed the purple and yellow wings detail, trying to keep it as symmetrical as possible.

Butterfly Cake (7)

The cake was finished off with two coloured choc bits for eyes and a chenille stick (pipe cleaner) for the antennae.

Butterfly Cake (8)

It was definitely not a professional job, but still perfect for a 3 year old girl!

Butterfly Cake (1)

And she may have needed a little help blowing out the candles.

What was the last birthday cake you made?

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