Choo Choo Train Cake


Our little man turned 2 last month. We didn’t have a party, for a number of reasons, but I was still determined to make him a cool cake.  When my Mother-In-Law visited us last year, she bought an Australian Women’s Weekly magazine that had a little cookbook on the front with a selection of recipes from various AWW cookbooks. It included a Choo Choo Train from the Kids’ Party Cakes cookbook. I remember spending hours flicking through this cookbook as a kid, picking out my perfect birthday cake (which I never got …). The Choo Choo Train cake was just perfect for my transport-obsessed boy.


The original had 4 wagons, but this cake only needed to serve 3 people, so I only made one. It was made from two log cakes (I copped out and used a packet) and a store-bought jam roll for the engine. The “steam” is popcorn threaded on a pipe cleaner (chenille stick).

Putting it together and decorating it took longer than I planned, although the day got a bit mixed up with a not as much napping as expected. I had to keep the inner dialogue going that I was making this for a 2 year old, and it didn’t have to be perfect. There were stray chocolate sprinkles, the icing was nowhere near smooth, the liquorice strips went on a bit wonky…

image    image

…but when my son came down the stairs and said “Oh WOW! Choo Choo Train, pretty”, it was all forgotten.

I’m a little worried I’ve set the bar too high too early with birthday cakes. I’ve now purchased the full cookbook, and I better start studying for the years to come!


  1. what a cool cake! i made a train cake for my sons third birthday, i cheated and used the lakeland train baking tray, it makes lots of little carrages. once covered with icing and and sweeties it was great for his party and ment there was no cutting involved as everyone got a carriage to take home!

  2. Your cake is so adorable! Great job! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites! I’m featuring you this week!

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