Do unto yourself…

…as you wish others to do.


Do you ever let crumbs drop onto the floor thinking “it’s me who has to sweep/vacuum them up”?

Do you ever wipe your grubby hands on your clothes thinking “well, it’s me who has to clean them anyway”?

Do you ever leave bits of food in the sink thinking “it’s me who’ll scoop them out later”?

Are there eyes watching you and seeing the result (or noticing the result later)?

Not only are you creating more work for yourself, but you’ll soon find people around you copying your behaviour (whether that’s your kids, your significant other, maybe even guests…). You’ll create resentment if you try to correct that behaviour in others (and rightly so!).

You may not even realise you are doing some of these things. So the challenge for today is to be conscious of what undesirable, less-than-cleanly  behaviour you are modelling, and try to call yourself out on it.

Do you have “dirty little habits” like this? Let me know in the comments!

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