Doll’s Cradle Bedding Set

When I was little , my grandfather made this wooden doll’s cradle:

Wooden Dolls Cradle

His hobby in retirement was making wooden toys for charity. We were encouraged to donate the toys he made us when we grew out of them (which is a shame because he made the best rocking elephants!). My brother kept a large truck and I kept my cradle. It’s been in the top of the wardrobe at my parents’ place for years, and I knew it was time to get in down for Celeste (she just loves her dolls and stuffed animals).

Unfortunately, my parents live about 2700km (1700 miles) away, so popping over to grab it wasn’t an option. A couple of weeks before my parents visited last year, I dropped a hint to Dad that I thought Celeste would like it. It was an each way bet whether he’d bring it on the plane. But Dad came through with the goods and pulled the cradle out of his suitcase. I was over-the-moon.

The cradle could do with a bit of love and an extra coat of paint, but I’m a little nervous to attack that job. I started with the important job of making it a little more comfortable for Celeste’s dolls.

First up was a mattress – made with a seat cushion insert  and some homemade piping.

Mattress for Doll Cradle

Then a pillow, but not a simple pillow for the princesses that will lay their heads here:

Doll's Pillow

And a sheet of course, with more piping trim:

Doll's Sheet and Pillow

And lastly, a quilt to match Celeste’s quilt:

Doll's Quilt

With butterfly applique (I can never make things simple!):

Butterfly applique doll's quilt

There’s never have too much matchy-matchy in my world:

Matching quilts

Tutorials are in the works, but after week 2 of gastro in this house (Celeste and my husband’s turns this week), it hasn’t happened yet.

Doll's Cradle Bedding Set

Come back next week for the tutorials (hopefully!)!

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