Groovy Gadget Gifts for Sewing

I don’t have as much time to sew as I’d like. I’m always on the lookout for tricks to get my sewing done quickly and efficiently. That way, I can make more with the limited time I have.

Once I had the basic sewing tools, I started looking for sewing gadgets to add to my toolkit. These fun items save me time and help my sewing look more professional (and I spend less time using my seam ripper!).

Sewing gadgets also make great gifts. If you’re looking for gift inspiration for someone who sews, read on…

Sewing gadgets make sewing quicker, more efficient and more accurate. These are great gift ideas for someone who loves to sew.

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Starting with something cheap and small, a Bodkin is a cheap gadget for threading elastic or ribbon through casings. If you’ve just been using a safety pin, try this simple gadget and see how much quicker you can get that elastic threaded.

If you sew with bulky fabrics, the Dritz Jean-A-Ma-Jig is great for sewing over where seams cross. My sewing machine often gets stuck in theses places. Using the jean-a-ma-jig helps lift and guide the presser foot over these tricky spots, leaving you with beautiful, even stitches.

Another cheap and useful gadget from Dritz is the Quick Turn. Turning fabric for straps is so much quicker than using the chopstick that I used to use.

Making threading a needle for hand sewing or embroidery that much easier with the Clover Desk Needle Threader. No more spitting, snipping and cursing at your thread with this fun sewing gadget.

If you have trouble keeping a constant seam allowance, the CottageCutz Flexible Seam Guide rests on your sewing machine and guides your fabric. It’s a great sewing tool helping you sew faster and more accurately.

Do you hate having to unthread and thread your sewing machine to reload a bobbin partway through a sewing project? The Simplicity SideWinder Portable Bobbin Winder lets you wind a bobbin without using your sewing machine. It’s most useful when you have a separate spool of the same thread or you want to thread lots of bobbins at once.

If you love using bias binding or piping to finish off your sewing projects, but hating burning your fingers with the iron when making it, try the Simplicity Deluxe Bias and Piping Machine. It’s not cheap but is so much easier than ironing your own bias tape.

Finally, the Brother Scan’N’Cut is a great machine for cutting fabric for applique, quilt blocks or small sewing projects like stuffed toys. It accurately cuts your fabric for the fiddliest of shapes, letting you get to sewing that much quicker.

What are you favourite sewing gadgets?