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Guest Me Me Me-er: Mrs Bettie Rocker

It’s time to welcome my first guest blogger for Me Me Me Month: Becky (aka Mrs Bettie Rocker). I love all the sweet treats she posts, and just how real she is (although, to be honest, dorky, nerdy me would never be cool enough to speak to her in real life – I love that we can become friends with such different people in the blogosphere!). Over to Becky:

Hello fellow Cook, Clean, Crafter’s! My name is Becky and I’m from a little blog called From The Kitchen Of: Mrs Bettie Rocker. Narelle was kind enough to invite me here today to participate in “Me, Me, Me Month”.

So. This is me in a nutshell: I’m a wife, and a mom, and I rock. I spend as much time in the kitchen as possible. I like tattoos, vintage things and books. I hate talking about myself. I love aprons. And skulls. And aprons with skulls. As the lone vegetarian in the house, there is one thing I make that we can all enjoy together, and that is sweets. My happy place is in my kitchen. It’s the only thing in the house that’s totally mine and free of stinky boys! You’ll find me hiding out in there a little bit every day. My blog is FULL of recipes, sprinkled with tales of motherhood, surviving Postpartum Depression, and my struggle to accept the fact that I am no longer as cool as I used to be.

Today, I want to share a simple party recipe with you. You know those moms who can spend hundreds of dollars giving their little one’s birthday parties that look more like wedding receptions? Yeah. That’s not me.
This is cheap, easy, and can be done to color coordinate ANY party theme!
Ready? Here we go!
3 cups confectioners’ sugar
2 egg whites
White Paper (I used computer paper)
Food coloring
1. Cut white paper into twenty four 2-by-11-inch strips. Using a mixer, beat the confectioners’ sugar and egg white until thick and smooth, about 5 minutes. Divide the icing into small bowls. Stir the food coloring into your bowls, covering any colors you aren’t using first with plastic wrap.
2. Lay the paper strips side by side on a work surface. Pipe out the icing onto the paper strips in dots, about 1/3 inch apart in even rows. (If you don’t have a decorators bag and tip, just use a plastic baggie and cut off a small part of the corner.)
3. Let the dots sit at room temperature until hardened, 12 hours or overnight. adapted recipe from Rachel Ray

Thanks again, Becky! What a cute, simple idea. Maybe next year, we’ll actually have a party for my son’s birthday so I can make some…Head on over and check out some more of Mrs Bettie Rocker’s tasty treats!