Kitchen Cleaning Confessional

I don’t want the cleaning part of this blog to give you the impression that I’m perfect (although from the posts I’ve made so far, I doubt you’d think that’s the case). It is also a place for me to confess my sins, offer penitence, and then hopefully not make the same mistakes over and over again (we shall see on the last point!).

Here is what my kitchen looked like one morning last week:

Let’s play a quick game of what’s wrong with this picture:
1. Steamer pot still sitting on the stove from the previous night’s dinner.

2. Dirty muffin pan on the bench from making cupcakes the previous morning (Is it that hard to clean a non-stick pan?)

3. Bowls that I used to make icing in the afternoon, plus miscellaneous dishes that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher, lying all over the benches. Once again, how long does it take to wash a few things up? (Redeeming point: at least I’d put the dishwasher on.)

4. Empty wine bottle hiding amongst the dirty dishes. Hmmm…
5. Various plastic items all over the floor, courtesy of my 14 month old. He just loves throwing things out of the plastics drawer.

I think the moral of the story is I have too much bench space. Actually, maybe I should just tidy up the kitchen before I go to bed (or after I bake and ice cupcakes!). I wasted half an hour of quality nap time cleaning up yesterday’s mess, and fuming with myself all the while. At least I had a nice clean kitchen at the end…


  1. Oh girl! I love this post. I’m all about keeping it real and this is the truth! 🙂 You’ve inspired me to do a similar post… we’ll see if I go through with it or not!

  2. i always commit to keeping my kitchen clean and cleaning up after a small mess and then I somehow always fall behind, your kitchen looks beautiful all neat and clean, mine only looks like that for half a second, if even that long.

  3. You think that’s a messy kitchen? 🙂 I’d be mortally embarassed to share pictures of mine right now! I still have paper and glue from Easter! Let alone Mother’s Day. And I won’t even get into the food products…

    But that’s what life is about with little ones in the house and I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Though of course I adore your “after” pictures!

    And congratulations on your SITS day!

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