Mother’s Day Recap

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day yesterday. My day was filled with attempting to rid our kitchen of a pantry moth infestation – not quite how I planned to fill my day – but I’ll give you the full story on that another day!


The average Mum would probably be horrified to receive the presents that I got, but I love them. First up, a Dyson DC-35 cordless vacuum cleaner:


I really wanted something that I could quickly grab for cleaning here and there, and this one fits the bill so far. I’ll give a full review when I’ve had a chance to really put it through its paces.


I also received an oven thermometer (my baking has been so hit and miss. I’m sure my oven runs hot, and now I can test it out – unfortunately, my baking plans were thwarted yesterday!), a candy thermometer (for future baking fun) and a silicone spatula (after melting a few plastic ones). It’s not the most exciting collection of kitchenware, but just what I needed!


Finally, and most importantly, I was given this lovely card, with very specific lines drawn by Little Man (apparently representing each member of our family!)and a big pink blob drawn by Little Miss, and a very sweet sentiment:


While it wasn’t the lovely day of baking and relaxing I had planned, it was still great to spend time with my beautiful family.


PS I’ll be sewing along this week in the Kids’ Clothes Week challenge at Elsie Marley. Since it doesn’t fit with my Me Me Me Month theme, I’ll post my progress on my Facebook page this week and put together a summary post next month.

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  1. Ya, I’m interested to hear how that vacuum works! I have the dyson ball and I love it!
    And isn’t it great to receive those cards from you kids? I love stuff like that…

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