Nesting – Bedroom Drawer Confessional

For each month until my bub arrives (October), I’m having a nesting theme (see here for more details). June’s theme is Bedrooms. So far, I’ve made curtains and London blinds, decorated a bathroom bin and sorted the baby clothes.

Today is more of a confessional, a glimpse into my home, which is far from perfect. This is the drawer in my bedside table:

It’s a chaotic mess. There are random knick-knacks that used to sit on my office desk, that don’t really belong anywhere. There’s half a dozen pairs of glasses, that all look amazingly similar. There’s several different types of moisturisers. There’s random notebooks, eye patches, incense sticks etc.

If I was honest with myself, the only things I need in that drawer are: glasses case, lip balm, hand cream, a pen and notebook, and my travel eye patches. But you know what: I don’t care!!! This is my junk drawer. Everything fits in there and I can find what I need easily (yes, even in my chaos there is a vague order!).

So what’s the point of this post? Everything in your house doesn’t have to be in perfect order – embrace a little chaos (especially if you can hide it away!). If it doesn’t bother you or make life more difficult, then leave it – don’t aim for perfection. A home is for living in after all!

What does your bedside table look like? Where are your secret areas of chaos?

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  1. your drawer looks a lot like mine 🙂 So funny! I like my little bit of chaos as well.

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