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Peppa Pig Applique – Kids Clothes Week Day 1

Kids Clothes Week is on again – the fun challenge to sew kids clothes for an hour each day for seven days. This time around, I’ve had a dilemma. My kids don’t really need more clothes. They are both on the skinny side and their waist measurements haven’t changed much since last summer. All their shorts and skirts still fit (although show a little more leg, but in a cute way!). Together stocking up in the last “end of summer sales” and presents, they really don’t need anything.

kid's clothes week

But I want to sew! I should probably focus on sewing a few things for me, or get started on the Christmas presents I want to make. But I can’t go past the challenge!

So I decided a embellishing a plain T-shirt was in order. Both my kids are obsessed with Peppa Pig (and I must admit, it makes me giggle when I’m listening while cooking dinner). The simple characters are just perfect for applique and embroidery. So I dug out a plain T-shirt from the stash and away I went.

Peppa Pig Applique (2)

The image was from a Google search (and well, could be any one of thousands!). I used felt from my stash for the applique and machine embroidered/stitched the details. I didn’t have any yellow thread, so it’s not quite finished, but I spent more than an hour working away on it.

Peppa Pig Applique (1)

I was originally going to add some splashes from muddy puddles, but not sure I can be bothered. What do you think?

So the T-shirt is for Celeste, but now Jacob wants one too. I’m not really sure about putting a female pink pig on a top of a boy. Am I being silly? I asked if I could put George on, but he said “No!” (in that wonderful way 4yo boys communicate). Maybe I should put Peppa and George?

Hopefully I’ll get to a shop to buy some yellow thread tomorrow so I can finish it off. Then I’ll have to contemplate what to do next for this challenge. Think it may end up being more dress-ups than clothes, but I’m sure that still counts!

sewing pattern sale

And by the way, Go To Patterns are having a Kids Clothes Week Sale where you can get 10% off your entire purchase or 20% off in you spend $30 or more. Time to stock up on patterns!

What have you sewn for Kids Clothes Week?

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