Prep School Skirt

I was so excited to find out my “Little Heartbreaker Pants” won the Sewing for Boys sew-along for July at Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy. (OK, the winner is selected by random, so it’s not that exciting, but hey, I won!). The prize was a pattern bundle from Little Lizard King.

Since I won with a boy’s project, I picked 3 girl’s patterns (don’t the girl patterns always look cuter?). A few days after getting the pdfs, I needed a quick and simple sewing project to get me back in my sewing groove. The Prep School Pleated Skirt was just what I needed.

Prep School Skirt (2)

It didn’t take long to make the skirt. It’s made from rectangles – there aren’t any pattern pieces, just measurements for each piece. The construction was a little different to what I expected (and I’d probably do things a little differently if I made one again), but I ended up with a cute skirt that my little girl loves to wear.

Prep School Skirt (8)

I’m stash-busting at the moment – I can’t remember what the main fabric is and I’ve lost the selvedge (anyone know what it is?). The fabric in the pleats is Mini Harlequin in Watermelon by Michael Miller.

Prep School Skirt (9)

It does sit a little funny due to the bulky way of constructing the skirt, making the sections stick out (when you make it with quilting weight cotton at least), but it gives it a fun flare.

And in case you were wondering, it’s a great skirt for climbing trees:

Prep School Skirt (7)

Prep School Skirt (3)

And I don’t often post photos of me, so here I am up the tree too:

Prep School Skirt (6)

In other news, I’m planning my strategy for Kid Clothes Week at Elsie Marley next week. Are you in planning mode too?

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