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Pretty Packaging for Christmas Foodie Gifts

Christmas is a great time of year to bake up a storm (thankfully there hasn’t been any pre-Christmas heatwaves here!). You’ve made mountains of cookies and other sweet treats, and it’s time to give them out to friends, teachers, neighbours or customers. You could throw them in a plastic bag and call it done, but that’s not really doing justice to all that time spent baking. Make those Christmas treats look their best with some cute packaging and wrapping.

Pretty Packaging for Christmas Foodie Gifts1

Simple gift boxes with windows, like the patisserie boxes, can be dressed up to make gorgeous Christmas gifts. Pretty paper, bows and flowers can turn a plain box into a special gift, like this one from Stamping and Scrapbooking:


Here’s another version made from Christmas cards or paper, paper snowflakes and some pretty ribbon, from My Paper Kisses:


Fabric scraps can dress up the plainest of brown paper bags. How cute is this version from The Purl Bee:


Washi tape’s another way to dress up plain gift packaging, like this one from Tabula Rosi:


For something a little more fun, turn a paper bag into a reindeer, with this project from Fiskars. Who wouldn’t smile when they received it?


Here’s a simpler, classy way to decorate a paper bag for a Christmas gift, from Down Cakery Lane:


These holiday cookie mailing tubes from Martha Stewart have a Pringles vibe to them (in fact, why not reuse a Pringles container!):


A CD sleeve is a cute way to present a large cookie. This post from Intimate Weddings includes a cookie recipe and printable for the label:


Cellophane and ribbon can be used to make cute bon-bons, like these from Martha Stewart:


Another way to turn cellophane (bags this time) into something special is this tutorial from Middle Passages:

Cellophane cookie gift bags

The mini snow-globes with cookies from I heart Naptime are just adorable (and they actually have “snow” in them!):


And lastly, a simple paper plate can be turned into a gorgeous gift box by following this tutorial on One Good Thing By Jillee:


How are you going to package your Christmas treats this year?