Christmas Tree Scones

Last week was my daughter’s class Christmas party, and this week is my son’s. Boys had to bring in something savoury, but I still wanted it to have a Christmas-y touch. Christmas tree scones were perfect! I mixed up a buttermilk scone dough with parmesan for a cheesy taste. The scones were cut out with […]

Christmas Rocky Road

It’s Christmas and sometimes you need something loaded with sugar to get you through the days. This Christmas Rocky Road will definitely give you (or the kids) a sugary buzz! For my daughter’s kindy class party, the girls had to bring something sweet and the boys something savoury. Woohoo! Just the excuse I need to […]

Simple Apricot Walnut Slice to Share

It’s heading towards the end of the year, and reasons to get backing are coming in thick and fast. School Christmas parties, gifts for friends and neighbours, and just having to feed the kids each day. But energy levels are dropping, as we head into the festive season. I don’t have the time and energy […]

Pretty Packaging for Christmas Foodie Gifts

Christmas is a great time of year to bake up a storm (thankfully there hasn’t been any pre-Christmas heatwaves here!). You’ve made mountains of cookies and other sweet treats, and it’s time to give them out to friends, teachers, neighbours or customers. You could throw them in a plastic bag and call it done, but […]

Spelt Buttermilk Bread {recipe}

Way back at the start of 2012, I set myself the goal to go a month with no store-bought bread products. Well, it’s taken me a while, but I’ve now got into the routine of making almost all of our bread. (The only exception is my hubby likes to wrap sausages in cheapo white bread […]

Chicken, Pesto and Corn Scrolls Recipe

Last week, I started making another batch of pizza scrolls for my son’s lunch box. When I went to the fridge for the fillings, I spotted some leftover chicken meat (from making broth) and corn kernels (can’t remember what they were from!). So I decided to change tack and make something a little fancier. I used […]

Incaberry and White Chocolate Cookies

Have you tried Incaberries? They are the latest superfood – high in fibre and anti-oxidants and packed with nutritional goodness. But do they taste any good? I was sent a sample of incaberries to try, and was pleasantly surprised. (Image source: I’m hit and miss when it comes to eating dried fruit. I like […]

Brioche Buns

Bread-making is something I’m still learning and experimenting with. While it does take a while to make bread, it isn’t as difficult as I expected. My fear of yeast was unfounded. With the successes I’ve had with pizza dough (what! I haven’t shared that here yet!) and loaves of bread, it was time to branch […]

Pizza Scrolls

Growing up, we always had sandwiches for lunch and now, I’m really not a fan. I’m always looking for different tasty options for lunch and these pizza scrolls really hit the spot. Gourmet Garden fresh herbs make it easy to add a bit more flavour – just simply spread it on with the tomato paste. […]

Bread Machine Focaccia

I’ve had the “The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook” for years, but I’ve hardly ever cooked anything from it until this year. As part of the Saturday lunch feast I prepared for some friends, I was too lazy to head to the bakery to buy fresh bread, so I decided to make focaccia in the bread […]