Brioche Buns

Bread-making is something I’m still learning and experimenting with. While it does take a while to make bread, it isn’t as difficult as I expected. My fear of yeast was unfounded.

With the successes I’ve had with pizza dough (what! I haven’t shared that here yet!) and loaves of bread, it was time to branch out into the world of the bread roll (or bun). More specifically, the hamburger bun.

I generally like a crunchy bread roll, but hamburger buns need a different texture. Light on the inside and a soft crust, but with the strength to hold up to the hamburger fillings, and the taste shouldn’t overpower the hamburger. (Am I overthinking this?)

I tried this brioche hamburger bun recipe from Smitten Kitchen (I’m not going to repeat it here since I just followed the recipe), and here’s the result:

Brioche Hamburger Buns (1)

Nice and flat, like a good hamburger bun, and a lovely texture, although I found them a little sweet and will cut back on the sugar if I make them again.

Brioche Hamburger Buns (2)

Have you made your own hamburger buns? Do you have a tried-and-true recipe?


  1. I’ve made them but found them too bready and heavy. I’d love to try a different recipe!

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