Christmas Rocky Road

It’s Christmas and sometimes you need something loaded with sugar to get you through the days. This Christmas Rocky Road will definitely give you (or the kids) a sugary buzz! For my daughter’s kindy class party, the girls had to bring something sweet and the boys something savoury. Woohoo! Just the excuse I need to […]

Cupcake Roses

My husband turned one of those milestones that end with a zero last month. We had a casual afternoon/evening barbecue party, with friends coming and going as they pleased – definitely easier for families with kids. I made most of the food for the party (and cursed myself for giving myself the stress in the […]

Smiley Face Cake (Chocolate Cake Recipe)

When I asked my son what cake he wanted for his third birthday, he told me a smiley face cake. After the choo choo train cake from last year, my first thought was “Woohoo! Too easy!”. I didn’t know whether to believe him, so I asked him a few more times, and it was always […]

Galette des Rois

Time for another sweet treat, although this isn’t as sweet as my usual desserts! I discovered the tradition of eating Galette des Rois on January 6 when we lived in Paris. It celebrates the arrival of the Three Kings at the birth of Jesus, and a trinket or dried bean is baked into the cake, […]

Lime Meringue Slice

I love a good slice! It’s a great treat to take to a friend’s house, and when you cheat and use a pre-made lime curd, this doesn’t take any longer than making and icing (frosting) a cake. I also think it looks just a little bit fancier and more grown up than cake. It’s just […]

Yummy Brownies

I’d never heard of brownies when I was a kid (or muffins for that matter). It was cakes and biscuits (of the cookie kind) for baked treats in our house. I’m not sure when I first heard of brownies, probably from American sitcoms, but I though they were too American (with that defensive “anti-Americanisation of […]

Lemon and Lime White Chocolate Mud Cake

My mouth is watering just reading that title! Citrus and chocolate is definitely Me Me Me! Now for the picture… My birthday was a few weeks ago, and I wanted a delicious birthday cake, so I made it myself. Digging through my recipes, I found the Lemon and Lime White Chocolate Mud Cake with a […]

Triple Decker Chocolate Treat

Friends living in a small country town recently visited us, and requested Thai takeaway for dinner. I was more than happy not to cook (especially as I usually go over the top when I have guests), but I couldn’t not make anything. A simple dessert was in order – a small tasty treat after mountains […]

Banana Bread

Everyone should have a good Banana Bread recipe. So tasty and a bit healthy (hey, it has fruit). I haven’t been able to make it for a while as my son loves bananas, so they all get eaten before they get mushy. Somehow, we ended up with three heading towards blackness, and finally I could […]

Apple and Cinnamon Pancakes

Dinner didn’t quite satisfy us the other night, and my husband agreed to change a rather smelly nappy (diaper) in exchange for me cooking dessert. I’ve had this recipe clipping for at least 6 years (and no idea which magazine it came from – my apologies to the recipe source!), and have never cooked it. […]

Apple Puff Squares

We don’t have dessert in our house very often, but sometimes we feel like a special treat. This is a really quick and easy recipe that can be made from a few stock ingredients. It looks a bit fancy (I’ve used it for dinner parties too), but is quick and easy to put together. Ingredients […]

Espresso Cake with Baileys Cream and Roasted Almonds

Here’s the final recipe from my Saturday lunch feast. This recipe is taken from the cookbook Bistro by Phillip Johnson (who owns my absolute favourite restaurant in Brisbane, E’cco). It is a basic butter cake with coffee syrup poured over it. Ingredients 240g (8 1/2oz) unsalted butter, softened 240g (8 1/2oz/heaped 1 cup) caster (superfine) […]

Flummery Dessert

When I saw this post on Make It Perfect, I had a flashback to my childhood. My Mum used to make this dessert, although I don’t think she ever used a name for it. I just had to make it, and decided it would be an easy dessert when some friends came over for dinner […]

New Recipe – Cherry Ripe Cheesecake friends had a birthday party last Saturday where everyone brought along a curry. I know the host of the party isn’t much of a baker, so I asked if I could bring a dessert along instead (I love desserts and knew there would be more curry there than we could possibly eat!). I was […]