Sweet Potato and Capsicum Hash

It’s Day 30 of my Whole30 challenge (yay!), and it’s time to share my favourite recipes from the month. I’ve mostly stuck with foods I typically eat, but put my creative hat on to add a bit more flavour. I’ve enjoyed the extra challenge to make sure I didn’t feel deprived. For breakfast most days, […]

Fruit Smoothie for Beginners

My health kick continues in fits and starts. I still lapse into old habits just a little too easily. One way I kick-start my healthy eating (and keep going back to when I get off track) is smoothies. I’m not big breakfast eater and a smoothie for breakfast is a nice way to start the […]

Pancake Tuesday Recipe

I love pancakes, so what better excuse to have them for breakfast than Shrove Tuesday. Or for the non-religious, Pancake Tuesday. Here’s my go-to plain pancake recipe. It’s a little bit sweet, and fluffs up just a bit. I loved pancakes with lemon juice and sugar as a kid, but generally stick to maple syrup […]

Apple and Cinnamon Pancakes

Dinner didn’t quite satisfy us the other night, and my husband agreed to change a rather smelly nappy (diaper) in exchange for me cooking dessert. I’ve had this recipe clipping for at least 6 years (and no idea which magazine it came from – my apologies to the recipe source!), and have never cooked it. […]