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Cupcake Roses

My husband turned one of those milestones that end with a zero last month. We had a casual afternoon/evening barbecue party, with friends coming and going as they pleased – definitely easier for families with kids. I made most of the food for the party (and cursed myself for giving myself the stress in the week before!).

Cupcake Roses (3)

I’ve wanted an excuse to try cupcake buttercream roses for a while. If I make cupcakes for the kids, I don’t like smothering them with mountains of buttercream – too unhealthy for everyday eating. But having a big group of people over was just the excuse I needed.

Cupcake Roses (4)

There are lots of tutorials around. I used this one at Bella Cupcakes and was happy how they turned out.

Cupcake Roses (2)

Just in case you were wondering, they weren’t all perfect…

Cupcake Roses

…but they still tasted great! I used my basic chocolate cake recipe. Kids and adults gobbled them up – no leftovers for me!

Cupcake Roses (1)

What’s your favourite way to decorate cupcakes?