Revamped Christmas Tree Star

The star on our Christmas tree had seen better days. I’m not sure when we got it, but multiple house moves and not being stored very well resulted in a scratched and scruffy-looking star. The poor thing needed some loving!

Revamp Christmas Tree Star (3)

Silver spray paint, mod podge and glitter, and the star was looking as good as new – actually it’s better, it’s got glitter!

Revamp Christmas Tree Star (1)

It wasn’t the most difficult of craft projects, but here’s how I did it:


Old and scratched star ornament
Silver spray paint
Mod Podge
Holographic glitter
Cork, skewer and box to hold star up when spray-painting (optional)


If your beat up old star is a bit dusty, give it a wipe clean. I didn’t do any other preparations for my star. Mine was made from plastic.

Revamp Christmas Tree Star (4)

I wasn’t in the mood for spray paint all over my fingers, and I wanted my star to stand up to dry, so I made a makeshift stand for it using a cardboard box, cork and a skewer:

Revamp Christmas Tree Star (5)

Not the fanciest or the sturdiest, but it did the job. Next, I took it outside and sprayed it with silver spray-paint and let it dry. You may want to put down newspaper (or just spray your grass silver too!).

Revamp Christmas Tree Star (6)

Then it was time to add the sparkly gun. I got out the holographic glitter and mod podge:

Revamp Christmas Tree Star (7)

I mixed the glitter into the mod podge as I thought it would be less messy and the glitter wouldn’t come off so easily.

Revamp Christmas Tree Star (8)

Then I liberally glooped the glitter/mod podge all over the star:

Revamp Christmas Tree Star (9)

Here’s a close up of it starting to twinkle already!

Revamp Christmas Tree Star (10)

Then it’s time to wait for the mod podge to dry until you end up with a beautiful sparkly star.

Revamp Christmas Tree Star (12)

Put the star on top of the Christmas tree and enjoy a sparkly Christmas.

Revamp Christmas Tree Star (2)

Maybe I could have just bought a new star for the tree, but I had all the supplies in my stash and it’s nice to add my own special touch to the Christmas Tree.

Christmas Tree Star

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  1. Love the “new” star. Looking bright and glittery after its’ make over. Why buy new when you have the gifted hands to change old into new. Happy New Year.

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