Santa Sacks

When I was growing up, we always used to have cheap plastic stockings that always ripped apart. When I caught the sewing bug, I decided to make Christmas Stockings for our kids.While looking for fabric, I spotted this gorgeous Christmas print. I liked it so much I bought the remainder of the bolt. It was too cute to cut up for stockings, so I made “Santa sacks” instead.

No time (or photos) for a detailed tutorial, but here’s a quick rundown of what I did.
1.  I cut the Christmas fabric to size (on a fold to minimise sewing!). I then cut a 10cm (4 inch) strip of fleece to use as the cuff.

2.  I sewed the fleece onto the fabric, right sides together (I actually just used my overlocker/serger, but sewing machine would work just as well).
3.  I then sewed (serged) across the bottom and up the side of my sack.
4.  I folded over and used a blind-hem stitch to finish off the top of the cuff.
5.  Finally, I cut letters out of felt and glued them to the cuff. (I probably should have appliqued them before I sewed the sack together – might do that one day if the letters fall off – or just glue them back on…)

After making two nice big sacks, I had a little bit of fabric leftover, so Mum and Dad got little sacks as well.

Maybe Santa will bring us a little treat as well. I swear we’ve (mostly) been good!

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