Saturday Lunch Banquet

Some friends came to our place for lunch on Saturday. There is some cooking history between this couple (well, more particularly, the gentleman) and myself. He is a fantastic cook, and it’s always a treat eating at their place. When they visit us, I want to cook equally impressive meals. This once culminated in me spending three days cooking a feast for New Years Eve a few years ago (obviously before kids!).

These days, I still want to prepare a delicious meal when they come over, but don’t want to slave in the kitchen for hours. The menu for lunch on Saturday was:

The meal finished with Espresso Cake with Baileys Cream and Roast Almonds and coffees.

It was a delicious feast, but I didn’t feel exhausted from all the cooking. I prepared all the food, except the cake in the morning, with plenty of time to spare. I’ll share each of the recipes with you this week. I didn’t want to inundate you. I hope you’ll come back to check them out!

Edited to add links to each recipe!

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