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Scrambled Egg Mess

I’m not a big fan of eating eggs, so cooking them is my husband’s domain. While I appreciate his cooking, the frypan is usually left looking like this:


Baked-on egg is tough to remove. My usual trick of throwing everything in the dishwasher and hope for the best just does not work with this stuff. The frypan looks exactly the same coming out as going in. It’s hard labour and not very effective to scrub off (with the risk of damaging the pans).

I’ve read that using a little oil in the pan before cooking prevents the problem, but if I try to tell hubby how to cook eggs, it’s a sure-fire way to get him to stop cooking for me. I’m not willing to take that risk!

Fortunately, the internet lead me to the solution: the Vinegar Book by Tip King states:

soaking your pan with hot water and a half cup of vinegar will clean up the pan easily

I gave this a go, and the pan was back to sparkling clean with a quick wipe.

Do you end up with the same mess when cooking eggs? Is there another food that refuses to budge from your pans? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I’ll be trying this too. Hubby is the worst for not rinsing egg pans. Another pet peeve for cleaning is dried on oatmeal.

  2. ahhh! I hate this problem. I like cleaning the kitchen as I go (doesn’t happen all the time, but I try), but when it comes to egg crusted pans, they just sit they for days soaking. I keep saying, I’ll get to that… But this is a great idea. I love vinegar, there’s so much you can do with it, but I didn’t know this. Cool! Thanks!

  3. Vinegar is great for so many things. Have you ever added a little milk to your scrambled eggs? It is the only way I eat scrambled eggs. Besides making your eggs fluffier it also helps the eggs not stick to the pan so easily. I don’t like cleaning out the crock pot after dinner. Ever!


  4. I also use a little olive oil and the eggs never stick. Also, we just invested in some new pans in the post christmas sales.. We bought a brand called circulon that has a non stick surface and they are amazing.. nothing sticks and they take about 10 seconds to clean no matter what you cook in them.. highly recommend!

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