Sew Spoiled Sew-Along Weekender Tote Complete

Leah from Sew Spoiled hosted a Sew-Along, with the goal to make a Weekender Tote over 7 weeks. It was really nice having  a low-stress project simmering away in the background, with no pressure to get it finished. Reading the questions and comments and seeing everyone else’s projects helped maintain the motivation! Although I must admit, I actually finished it two weeks early, as I got sick of rethreading my sewing machine each time I came back to this project!

(I know June is supposed to have a Bedroom Theme as part of my nesting projects, but I’m a little behind already, and I’ve been meaning to blog about this project for a while. Besides, I keep bags in my bedroom, so there’s a tenuous link.)
Here are the steps along the way as I sewed along.

Gather Fabric and supplies (April 17- May 1)

Cut out the pieces (May 2- May 8)

Outer Shell Pleats (May 9- May 15)

Straps and finish Outer Shell (May 16- May 22)

Pockets and Magnet Clasp (May 23- May 29)

Lining and Finish the Tote (May 30- June 5)

It was a fun beginner-to-intermediate project, that was easy to follow, and resulted in a cute bag. Thanks for hosting the Sew-Along, Leah! Look forward to the next one.


  1. Cute project!! YOu make it seem so easy 🙂 Hope you’ll come stop by and say hello at Oopsey Daisy. We are having a Baby Week celebration with giveaways and guest authors and tons of ideas! Have a fabulous weekend!


  2. The finished tote is sooo cute.
    I wish I had a place for a sewing machine.
    Actually I wish I knew how to sew.

  3. i LOVE this! the colors are awesome. I hate that i have no skills in the sewing department. Im a new friend friday follower =)

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