Star Wars Pot Holder

My brother recently bought his first house, and since I live across the country, I thought it would be nice to send a house-warming present. I really have no idea what he needs as when I go home, I normally catch up with him at my parents’ place. He previously shared a house with a mate, so I have no idea what belonged to him and what was the mate’s. I also wanted the present to be a surprise, so I couldn’t just ask him.

When it comes to Christmas and birthday presents, I normally go the easy option and buy Star Wars merchandise, but I’m on this crafty, homemade kick, and thought I should be somewhat sensible with the present for a change (he is in his mid-thirties and now has a mortgage!). I decided you can never have enough pot holders, but that I could still go with a Star Wars theme. Here is the end result:

I started by cutting the pieces from black quilters cotton, and the padding is actually an old towel cut up (a thrifty tip from my Mum). I used two layers of towel for the gripping side of the pot holder, and another layer for the side that slips over your hand, to protect you if you’re a bit uncoordinated like me and occasionally bump the top of your hand on the next shelf in the oven. It gives it a nice padded feel as well.

I searched for the Star Wars logo using Google image search (I love Google image search!), and printed it out to make a freezer paper (or in my case, wrapper from printer paper) stencil. I was originally just going to make two Star Wars ones. For some insane reason, I decided since The Empire Strikes Back is my brother’s favourite Star Wars movie, I’d make one with that logo. I drove myself insane cutting out the stencil for that one (is this where I need a Cricut???).

Anyway, I eventually sorted out the stencilling – I was going to use white fabric paint, but I didn’t have any and I wasn’t going to the craft store, so used yellow instead. I then sewed up the pieces, using store-bought bias tape:

I posted off the present with a copy of my Mum’s Tuna Mornay recipe. My brother is always complaining that she gave me a copy, but never gave it to him! My brother is pleased that he no longer has to try to “use the force” to get things out of the oven!


  1. if only my fella were a geek boy he would be so easy to gift. He loves to cook and these would be perfect except he has never seen star wars. He does like Road Wars (sigh) but not quite the same thing. visiting from nff!

  2. What a great idea! I love that you’ve turned something blokey into a great kitchen gift!

  3. You cut these by hand? Wow. Of course, I highly approve of this idea and think my husband may want these now. Lazy me will use my Cricut – I do not have your dedication/patience!

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