Beach Scene Corkboard

A few days ago, I discussed ways to organise and display kid’s artwork, and briefly shared my corkboard display. Today I’m going to share with you how I made it. We’ve been in our house just over two years, and I’m slowly adding a personal touch to the place. I have a picture in my […]

Geometric Art by an Engineer {Tutorial}

When we moved into our new house (umm, almost two years ago), we had a huge space on the wall behind our couch that was just desperate for some artwork. But well, art can be expensive and it’s hard to find something I like. I’m a big fan of geometric prints (it’s the engineer in […]

Bedroom Door Name

Here’s a quick and easy project to start the year off – wooden name for a bedroom door. Yes, I’ve done this before, but thought I would show off the version for my daughter’s room. All you need is wooden letters (available in craft and hardware stores), different colour paints, a paint-brush and some Blu-Tak. […]

Masterchef T-Shirt – Freezer Paper Stencilling

My apologies for the lack of blog posts lately (and particularly the lack of cooking posts). I’ve been struck down by stomach bugs and colds, and am coughing my way through the worst cold I’ve had in years. I think I need to look after myself a bit better, although a teething toddler struggling to […]

Bedroom Door Name

I’m really not sure if I can count this as a craft. It was just way too easy, but those are the best types of craft projects, so I’ll share it with you. I wanted to put my son’s name on his bedroom door – standard home decorating behaviour, right? I looked around at what […]