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A Little Girl’s Birthday Gift

One thing I love about having a fully-stocked craft room (well, I could always buy more craft supplies…) is that I can whip up a quick present in no time. Celeste was invited to her friend Rebekah’s third birthday party and the night before, I realised I hadn’t organised a present. To the craft room I went, and about an hour later I had this cute gift:

Preschool Girl Gift

Well, I spent half an hour hunting through my stash for the right fabric – more time than it took to make the actual skirt! Rebekah’s favourite colour is orange, but since I was an “orange-haired” child, it’s one colour that doesn’t feature in my fabric choices very often. I eventually found orange butterflies (Dream On by Urban Chiks for Moda – no idea when I bought it).

Simple Skirt

I whipped up a simple skirt – fabric cut from selvedge to selvedge, one seam at the back, elastic at the waist and hemmed at the bottom. But I couldn’t just give clothes – that’s not the most exciting present for a little kid. Out came the magnetic paper (still have heaps of this in my stash), and another set of Magnetic Paper Dolls was printed and cut out (see my tutorial here).

Magnetic Paper Dolls

Almost instant birthday present for a 3 year old, and much more fun that dragging kids around the shops!

What are your go-to homemade birthday presents for little kids?


  1. I don’t really know what gift should I give to my goddaughter, I am so happy I have found your blog. I finally got an idea.


    Irene Jennings

  2. You are so clever! I am dreading the day that Pumpkin suddenly needs help with science projects and performance costumes. I guess I have some time though – and ideas like this will inspire me!

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