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Bedroom nesting – Shoes Shoes Shoes

For each month until my bub arrives (October), I’m having a nesting theme (see here for more details). June’s theme is Bedrooms. So far, I’ve made curtains and London blinds, decorated a bathroom bin and sorted the baby clothes.

In my nesting before my son was born, I bought shoe boxes and decided to store my nice shoes properly, but I still always wanted it to be a bit more organised. Here is what it looked like:

This isn’t all my shoes – just my nicer, dressier shoes that I don’t wear very often (OK, not at all since my son was born). I love these shoes and want to look after them – here’s some them:

It’s so nice seeing my shoes again. I’d forgotten how much I love some of them, which is the problem with storing shoes properly. So I took photos of all of them, and stuck them to the boxes so I can see at a glance all my lovelies…
Here are my day-to-day shoes, not counting a couple of pairs by the front door downstairs. Looks like they could use a bit of a tidy-up too, but that’s a job for another day.
The benefits of organising my shoes are that I now know exactly what I’ve got. I’m pretty sure I won’t need to buy burgundy coloured shoes for a while, since I have 4 different pairs (although I may need to make a few more outfits that go with burgundy shoes!). I also feel so much happier seeing them when I walk into the robe, I can’t help but smile!
I think that’s all my bedroom nesting for now – July’s theme is Living/Dining – better get crafting!


  1. Great idea on organizing your shoes.
    I love the boots! Haven’t worn a pair in years.

  2. Just found you at New Friend Fridays. Oh how I love a detailed blow by blow of household management. I’m positively addicted. You and I are going to get along just fine!

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