Crochet Rosette Hairclip

I love this crochet rosette style. So pretty and elegant in just the right shade of pink. And two little crochet leaves just finish it off perfectly.

Crochet Rosette Hairclip (3)

The crochet pattern for the rosette is available for free on the Lionbrand Yarns website (one of my favourite sources for free crochet patterns and how-tos). I made the middle size from the pattern, using crochet cotton and a 2.25mm crochet hook.

Crochet Rosette Hairclip (2)

I found the leaf crochet pattern from a quick Google search here at the Wind Rose Fibre Studio blog. I hot-glued a felt circle to the back of the rosette (sandwiching the leaves between the circle and the rosette) and then hot-glued an alligator to the felt circle.

Crochet Rosette Hairclip (1)

It’s fiddly working with crochet cotton and such skinny crochet hooks, but it makes a really cute hairclip.

So that completes my birthday present for a 5 year old fashionista. See my previous posts for the Blossom handbag and crochet butterfly hairclips.

What crochet patterns have you used for hairclips?