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Give Way!

The next Boy’s Own Style project I planned to share today was some pants for my son (with some extra little details), but colds have taken over our house. My energy levels are low, and this little monkey (in his geometric shirt):

Geometric Boys Tshirt

…has been nagging me to make him some road signs. So the pants idea got put to the side, and I tried to put a smile on his face (3 year old boys with man-flu are just miserable!).

As I was painting some cardboard for the signs, I suddenly thought a Give Way Sign T-shirt would be perfect for my little boy. Not only is he car-mad, but he’s the standard 3 year old boy always on the move and sometimes you have to just stand aside.

So a plain T-shirt and a bit of freezer paper stencilling later, and this is sitting on my ironing board, waiting for the paint to dry:

Give Way T-shirt (2)

Here’s a closer look at the stencilling:

Give Way T-shirt (3)

And here’s a sneak peek of the road signs (taken in really horrible light!):

Road Signs

Our colds are on the improve (I really shouldn’t be saying that, should I?), and I’ll have more to share with you for Boy’s Own Style Month later this week…

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