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Hoodie for the Boy

When preparing for Kids Clothes Week, I headed to my local fabric chain with a long list in hand. My kids have next to no winter clothes that fit, and a hoodie for Jacob was on the list. I was so uninspired by the boy fleece options – the boyish colours are just so drab. In fact, the range of fleece was all pretty boring. I was about to give up, when hidden away I found this navy print:

Hoodie (3)

This is seriously cool fabric – almost wasted on a 4yo boy. Maybe I should go back and buy some more…

Hoodie (5)

The pattern is the “Be Careful Out There Hoodie” from Ottobre Design 4/2012. The pattern is for jersey , but the fleece had a lot of stretch so it worked out fine. The pattern is more for a long-sleeve T-shirt hoodie than a jumper/sweater, so it’s narrower than store-bought fleece ones, but I think that suits my slender boy. He doesn’t look lost in it or get in the way of playing.

Hoodie (6)

The ribbing is dark navy that I found in a thrift store a while ago. I debated using a more contrasting colour, but I’m happy I stuck with navy – it lets the fabric pattern shine. I also didn’t do the contrast top-stitching in the pattern for the same reason. I didn’t line the hood either since the fleece back was so snuggly!

Hoodie (4)

I didn’t get as much sewing time on Day 3 of Kids Clothes Week as I would have liked, so only managed to do the shell of the hoodie, up to putting the zip in. I was a little nervous, having never done a zip placket like this, but it went in surprisingly easy (especially since the Ottobre instructions are so brief!). There is a tiny pucker at the bottom, but I’m sure I’m the only one that will notice that!

Hoodie (7)

So I finished it off on Day 4. I feel like I’m behind on the mammoth list I set myself, so I needed another quick project to perk me up – a quick pair of pyjama pants for Jacob. I’ll finish the top before I show you that one.

So 5 items down in 4 days, 6 more to go – I’ll need a lot of time at the sewing machine to get them all done. Let’s see how we go!


  1. thank you for being so kind as to share. Just bought my my gdanrdaughter her 1st American girl and she thinks she is getting a cabbage patch. I can’t wait for her to see it. I think I will be very busy making clothes.

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