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How to make a Ballerina Tutu Lampshade

Last week, I promised another tutu craft project. After painting Celeste’s room and finishing her butterfly quilt cover, I’m slowly adding more handmade touches to make it perfect for her. Next up is a combination of two of my tutorials, to create a Ballerina Tutu Lampshade:

Ballerina Tutu Lampshade (12)

I started with an IKEA OLLSTA shade with a JANUARI base and followed this tutorial for how to cover a lampshade (yes, I do refer back to my own tutorials!). The fabric was leftover from the butterfly quilt cover (Spintastic by Laura Berringer for Marcus Fabrics – getting hard to find now…).

Ballerina Tutu Lampshade (9)

Then I made a small tutu, following my how to sew a tutu tutorial, using a 65cm (25.5”) piece of elastic (10mm/3/8” wide) and the tutu is 18cm(7”) long. ie I cut one strip of fabric 36cm (24”) wide from selvedge to selvedge, and did the rolled hem and tutu as per the tutorial. The tutu fabric is organza, leftover from Celeste’s dress-up tutu.

Ballerina Tutu Lampshade (11)

I placed the tutu onto the lampshade and strategically placed a couple of pins to hold it into position. Celeste isn’t likely to pull on it. You may prefer to hand-sew it to the lampshade in few spots or use safety pins underneath the tutu.

Ballerina Tutu Lampshade (10)

When she grows out of the ballerina phase, it will be easy to pull the tutu off and have a simple pink lampshade.A simple project that resulted in a happy little girl.

How have you personalised a lampshade?What else should I put a tutu on? I’m addicted to making them!

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