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Planes, Trains and Automobiles Applique

If I had to describe having two kids under two in one word it would be: relentless! It feels like someone is always crying, wanting to be fed, needing a nappy change, wanting a cuddle… I don’t think I’ll be going for 3 under 3!

But somehow, I’ve got two sleeping kids and a few minutes to blog (see how long it lasts), but not quite the energy to put together the tutorials I’ve got in the works. So, I thought I’d share some close-up photos of the appliques from my son’s Big Boy Bed Quilt Cover.


This was only my third attempt at appliques, and they are far from perfect. (Why did I have to choose images with so many small circles???) I enjoyed making them though – I got into the flow at my sewing machine. I used Heat’n’Bond Lite to fix the appliques to the backing material and sewed a zigzag stitcharound each piece in coordinating thread (not brave enough to try contrasting thread yet. I learned a lot as I went – how to turn corners and go around curves. Maybe one day I’ll put together and tips and hints post!

Not sure how long the peace and quiet will last, so I better get a few things done! More posts on the big boy room coming soon…

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  1. Your appliques are great! Boy quilts are hard to find and these are simple but cute.

    Hang in there with the kids. I have found it did get easier as they got bigger. I have more time to sew now then I had even a few months ago. I wish I’d written down all the great ideas I had back in the blur days!

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