How to sew a Mr Men Costume

Book Week is a big thing in Australia.  Each year, schools and public libraries spend a week celebrating books and Australian authors and illustrators, supported by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Lots of schools have a dress-up day and parade for the kids. My school hasn’t for the last few years (such a disappointment […]

How to sew a mermaid tail {Tutorial}

Celeste loves all things Disney princess (and well, I love a good princess movie too, so she may get encouragement from me). She got a box set of The Little Mermaid movies for Christmas (along with a Barbie Mermaid DVD). She swims like a mermaid, so when I spotted fish scales fabric at the counter […]

Elsa party dress

The Frozen party blog posts continue… Next up is the Elsa party dress. My daughter already has an Elsa costume, but I wanted a fun dress for her to wear to her party. My plan was for it to be an everyday dress, but it ended a more dressy than I intended – oops. That […]

How to Sew a Quick Elsa Cape

For my daughter’s Frozen party, I loved the idea of all the girls dressing up as Elsa. But I didn’t have the time (or energy) to make Elsa costumes for them all. Instead, I had the idea for a simple Elsa Cape – a quick sewing project and something fun for the girls to take […]

Frozen-inspired Elsa Costume {Tutorial}

I promised Celeste I’d sew her an Elsa costume (and boy, did she nag me until I got it done!). So here it is: Kids costumes are often difficult for kids to put on by themselves. Being the lazy parent that I am, I went with a shirred back for the dress (similar to my […]

Angelina Ballerina Costume

After the Peppa Pig T-shirt for Day 1 of Kids Clothes Week, my next project was something Celeste has been asking for for months: an Angelina Ballerina Costume. It’s still missing a few details – the flower on the waistband and big pink bow in the hair. I have a very observant (and demanding) little […]

How to Sew a Full Tutu Skirt Tutorial

Celeste sometimes refuses to answer to her name, claiming she’s Angelina Ballerina (and can get quite angry if we don’t call her that). So it’s taken me a ridiculously long time to make our little ballerina her first tutu. It’s one of those projects I don’t know why I put off. They are so easy […]

Peaches and Cream Barbie Dress Up Tutorial

We don’t celebrate Halloween here, but our house is seriously lacking in dress up clothes, so it’s a good excuse to sew some. Thinking back to my childhood, who did I want to dress up as? Barbie, and there was no Barbie more pretty or elegant than Peaches’n’Cream. So here’s the toddler dress-up version: I’m […]

Giggle Mobile Tutorial

Here’s the tutorial I shared at the Train to Crazy for the Handmade Dress-Up Series: The Giggle Mobile is the amazing car/hovercraft/plane/submarine driven by Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl (the hosts of ABC2 – the kids’ TV channel here in Australia). For those with blank looks, here’s the song: Not only is my son […]