Give Way!

The next Boy’s Own Style project I planned to share today was some pants for my son (with some extra little details), but colds have taken over our house. My energy levels are low, and this little monkey (in his geometric shirt): …has been nagging me to make him some road signs. So the pants […]

Big Bang Theory T-Shirts

Time for another project of my own for Boy’s Own Style month. Since we’re both engineers, my husband and I love the Big Bang Theory TV show. I love the T-shirts that Sheldon and Leonard wear (hmmm, I love geek fashion: are you starting to feel sorry for my kids?). Little Man’s favourite colour is […]

Masterchef T-Shirt – Freezer Paper Stencilling

My apologies for the lack of blog posts lately (and particularly the lack of cooking posts). I’ve been struck down by stomach bugs and colds, and am coughing my way through the worst cold I’ve had in years. I think I need to look after myself a bit better, although a teething toddler struggling to […]