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Big Bang Theory T-Shirts

Time for another project of my own for Boy’s Own Style month.

Since we’re both engineers, my husband and I love the Big Bang Theory TV show. I love the T-shirts that Sheldon and Leonard wear (hmmm, I love geek fashion: are you starting to feel sorry for my kids?).

Little Man’s favourite colour is green, so I had to recreate these two T-shirts – Recycling and Green Lantern:

Big Bang Theory Tshirts

I made the V-neck Recycling T-shirt using the Tooth Troll pattern from 3/2012 edition of Ottobre Design magazine (Size 98cm for my 3 year old). The fabric is Stella knit fabric bought direct from the manufacturer through a fabric co-op (and this fabric is gorgeous to sew with!). The only green ribbing I had clashed with the T-shirt material, so I went with white (from my stash, bought at a thrift store).

Recycling Tshirt Collage

I added all the little details on the first T-shirt, using my twin needle to stitch the neck binding and hems. (I actually used white thread in the bottom since I was too lazy to load another bobbin.)

I modified the same pattern to create a round neck T-shirt for the Green Lantern T-shirt, but got a little lazy on the details, just single stitching the binding and hem this time.

Green Lantern Tshirt Collage

The images were found on-line. I used the outside wrapper of a packet of printer paper (since freezer paper isn’t readily available here and I love to re-use waste products!), and painted the designs on using white fabric paint. I only did one thick coat to give a washed-out look.

Big Bang Theory Tshirts

And now my son has two “Big Bang Theory”-inspired green geek T-Shirts. Come back tomorrow for more T-shirt inspiration for Boy’s Own Style Month.


Are you a fan of the Big Bang Theory? Have you made any TV-inspired T-shirts for your kids?


  1. Oh my gosh! My husband and I love the big bang theory! These shirts are fantastic!

  2. We love Big Bang Theory and my 3 yr old son does too! He has a green shirt with blue lines across the chest and told me the other day that “Sheldon wears that shirt!” LOL. I love this idea!

  3. I don’t feel sorry for your kids at all. I think you are a shining example! Of course this comes from a family of IT people who just yesterday were talking about how it was Wednesday, Comic Book Day and how Big Bang Theory let the world know.

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