5 Cleaning Tasks Before Going on Holidays

We’re on vacation this week, enjoying a relaxing break in Kingscliff, in Northern New South Wales. Whilst going on holidays is great, no one wants to come home to a mess. Here is my list of 5 tasks to do right before heading out the door so there are no nasty surprises:

  1. Clean fresh produce out of the fridge. If it’s going to be mouldy, shrivelled or just plain disgusting by the time you get back, get rid of it now! (Give it to a friend or neighbour to avoid it going to waste.)
  2. Clean out the coffee machine and grits container. We have an espresso machine, and the drip tray and coffee grinds container grow a whole universe of their own if left to their own devices. Not something I want to deal with after a long flight or drive home.
  3. Empty all the bins. I don’t want any house-sitter vermin showing up thanks to the call of an odourous bin (nor do I want to come home to a big pile of used nappies…)
  4. Put on the dishwasher. A few dirty dishes in there can stink up a whole house!
  5. Sweep up any stray crumbs. Wipe down kitchen benches and the dining table (and the high chair!). As with previous tips, don’t leave anything to attract unwanted house-siiters.

What are your last-minute cleaning tips before heading out on holiday? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I once went overseas for 6 weeks and forgot about the potatoes and onions in the pantry. I will never make that mistake again, it was terrible. The smell!! My stomach is flipping over it just thinking about it.

  2. Fabulous vacation week to you! You roll called above me at SITS this morning! I’m just returning myself… well actually I got back last week. I did everything, but I forgot to do #1 and still keep forgetting… at this point I’m afraid to open the doors for fear of the mess. However, my parents are bringing my children back today from a visit with their father and I think the embarrassing possibility of my mom seeing my fridge will solve the problem!

  3. The other thing I try to do is the laundry because you know there will be even more once you get home!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  4. I love to make sure my house is pretty clean before going on holiday, often coming back home at the end of a holiday to a messy house is just so over-whelming. I always try to make sure we can at least get back in the house and dump out suitcases somewhere!

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