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90 Minute Shirt

I found the Dana Made It blog during Celebrate the Boy month in February, and was inspired by many of the projects there. I’m sure quite a few of them will be appearing here over the next few months and years. The first project I decided to try out was the 90 Minute Shirt (check out the full tutorial at the link). Dana has so many fantastic colour combinations that inspired me to give it a go.

I didn’t want to waste any money on my first attempt, so I scrounged through my husband’s wardrobe, and found an old Puma polo shirt that was always looked terrible on my husband (it clung in all the wrong places!). I wish I’d taken a photo of the shirt, but unfortunately, I didn’t.

I ripped apart an old onesie to create the pattern, and used one of my son’s current onesies to get the sizing correct, as per Dana’s tutorial, and then hit the sewing machine. The polo shirt had the striped ribbing on the sleeves with a matching collar, which I decided to use. Unfortunately, there wasn’t quite enough to rib the front and back at the top, so I used a strip of the main T-shirt for the front section (and it kinda has the feel of a collared shirt, to me at least).

Here is the end result, and I’m quite proud of my efforts:
In some ways, I wish my husband still had the shirt, so they could wear matching outfits. Maybe down the track I’ll do that if I find a cheap shirt that I like.

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