Masterchef T-Shirt – Freezer Paper Stencilling

My apologies for the lack of blog posts lately (and particularly the lack of cooking posts). I’ve been struck down by stomach bugs and colds, and am coughing my way through the worst cold I’ve had in years. I think I need to look after myself a bit better, although a teething toddler struggling to […]

Nesting – Bathroom Bin Decoration

For each month until my bub arrives (October), I’m having a nesting theme (see here for more details). June’s theme is Bedrooms. So far, I’ve made curtains and London blinds. OK, today’s project isn’t really for the bedroom, but the bathroom is the first place I go when I get out of bed (is that […]

Bedroom Door Name

I’m really not sure if I can count this as a craft. It was just way too easy, but those are the best types of craft projects, so I’ll share it with you. I wanted to put my son’s name on his bedroom door – standard home decorating behaviour, right? I looked around at what […]

Felt Nursery Art

When I was pregnant with my son, I searched high and low for nursery art that wasn’t too expensive. To add to the challenge, I didn’t find out the sex of the baby, so I wanted something gender neutral. The only stuff I could find was $50+ for a single picture, and generally fell into […]

Tutorial: Felt Car Play Mat-House

Who can we find behind the doors and windows of this little red house?       Open it up… …and what do we see…     …and a whole little world awaits: Here’s how to make a felt play mat that folds into a house: Materials: 25×30 inch (62.5 x 75cm) piece of green craft felt 2 […]