Clothesline Laundry Tips

I try to hang my laundry outside as much as possible – living in Brisbane, it’s actually rare that I can’t hang the laundry outside. It saves a bit of money not running the dryer, on a windy day, the wrinkles get blown away, and I love the crisp feel of sheets dried on the clothesline.

This article about streamlining your laundry routine when using a clothesline was posted on the Real Simple website by one of my favourite bloggers, Erin from Unclutterer. It got me thinking about the way I hang clothes out on the clothesline.

I follow the same system my Mum always used. We had the Australian icon, a Hills Hoist, in the middle of the lawn in the backyard (as most Australians did). Mum’s system was to hang big items on the outer and small items on the inner sections, and group together socks, underwear, shirts, pants etc. After reading this:

“As I hang the clothes, I group by person and by clothing type.”


“As I take clothes OFF of the racks, I again group by person and by storage location (which drawer in the dresser, the closet, etc.), and I fold as I go.”

I wondered why I haven’t I been doing things this way! So simple and sensible. Admittedly, on a hot summer’s day, I want to get the washing in as quick as possible and prefer to fold inside, but this system still works. Next load of washing, I’m going to give it a try.

How do you streamline your laundry? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! And just had to say hi! I was totally thrilled when I read that you live in Brisbane. I lived there for 6 months … a long while ago. (Went there to Uni) LOVED it! Such nice people!

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