Learning to love the laundry

I look forward to laundry day. There, I’ve said. I’ve got to the point where I enjoy doing the laundry. I’ve complained in the past about how the washing takes ALL day, even if you’re only doing a load or two. So how did this mind-shift happen?

Learning to Love the Laundry

Well, a bit like Miss Elizabeth Bennett’s love for Mr Darcy, it’s been creeping up on me so slowly, I can’t pinpoint the exact moment it started.

As a stay-at-home Mum, I feel guilty if I decide to relax and do something just for me during the day. But when I’ve got a massive pile of clean clothes to fold, that’s the perfect excuse to enjoy some trashy TV. I get some me-time, and the folding takes next to no time (and the kids can see I’m working!).

So that’s how my attitude started to shift.

Then I realised, when the weather’s nice, it’s lovely to stand in a sunbeam while hanging out the washing. If the kids follow me outside, they find something to play with instead of annoying me, and my mind wanders. I usually write blog posts in my head. Sure, all those socks and undies take forever to hang out, but I still enjoy the positives.

So really, the key has been to change my attitude to a boring job. Trashy TV, a sunbeam and a chance to daydream have made laundry day something to look forward to.



  1. I am impressed. I need the Radiant No-Sort in my laundry. I have neither the time nor the inclination to sort. I need to toss it in, bung it on & walk away.

  2. Definitely the Black wash! This is much needed when washing my husbands work clothes to avoid fading.

  3. The radiant Colour care, I love my colors bright and kids uniforms are red..keeps them nice and bright.

  4. Radiant Sensitive as my daughter suffers with eczema and most laundry powders cause her a great amount of discomfort but fortunately this one doesn’t.

  5. As part of their domestic training, my children are learning to look after their laundry baskets and work the washing machine themselves.
    There’s enough to master there, so for the time being it’s Radiant NO-SORT for me!… dealing with colours can come later!
    If at all!…

  6. Radiant No Sort – I’ve never in my life bothered to sort whites from colours – I just whack them all together and hope for the best!!

  7. Radiant No Sort – with a family I have mountains to wash so sorting is just a waste of time!!!!

  8. Let me indulge you in this short rhyme
    I’ll take you back to once upon a time
    A mother bought school socks, whiter than white
    They looked so clean, so crisp, so bright
    But after a few wears, the socks gathered dirt
    And mother, she scrubbed and scrubbed til it hurt
    But try as she might, the socks stayed black
    She knew in her heart there was no going back
    She’s tried liquids, and powders, even laundry soap
    Maybe RADIANT Brighter Whites Sharper Colours will revive them and give mother hope!

  9. I love the Radiant No Sort – I hate laundry I must report. Finally a powder that no matter the colour, all in together and I will discover, I’ve saved time and less loads to do. From a busy mum, Radiant…… cheers to you!

  10. R.eturning from school dirty day after day,
    A. white shirt for kids? Oh please No way!
    D.on’t you know in filth their cloaked?
    I.n brilliant whites (sharper colours ) their shirts get soaked.
    A. few hours of soaking and into the wash,
    N.ot a mark left on them. Wow oh gosh!
    T.his is why Radiant has a place in my home.

  11. Sensitive would be great for our family. Son has excema & hubby has multiple chemical sensitivity; both are affected by washing powders

  12. Radiant no sort would be perfect for us,
    Doing the washing would be no fuss!
    My husband is never impressed,
    When he goes to get dressed,
    And sees his clothes are rather pink,
    What will all of his workmates think?

  13. I need Radiant No Sort.
    This product is made especially for my husband, who has no interest in sorting, loading or hanging out the washing. There is always an excuse, I don’t know what colours go where!, I don’t know how to turn on the machine…Hopefully being such an easy product it might make him a big more interested in the washing….I can wish!!

  14. When I broke my shoulder and hubby had to take over the washing for a couple of weeks, the No-Sort capsule would have been so perfect! He’s a great man but washing is not really his thing 😉

  15. radiant colour care or the radiant ive just dreamed up – radiant cleaner in a box, because i dropped the vacuum on my foot and broke it, i need a cleaner to do my washing and radiant cleaner in a box could do this for me – i now believe cleaning is dangerous and we should all eat chocolate instead

  16. No Sort! After spending the mornings sorting out breakfast, lunches, lost shoes, spills on the table and fights between siblings, I’ve got no patience for also sorting the washing when I get to it!

  17. With four teenage boys I use Radiant No Sort – They play so much sport that no matter if they wear whites or coloured they all seem to end up green or brown – so it’s No Sort for our family. It’s heaven sent

  18. Radiant No-Sort is the one i need – because it will save me from the sorting process, saves electricity and water as all the clothes will go in the same wash rather than two separate loads…

  19. All other detergents start our family itching – but Radiant Sensitive doesn’t, no wonder I’m switching!

  20. I agree with the rest – no sort is the way to go! I will save so much time just chucking it all in together!

  21. Between playing outdoors and my other half’s work, to keep the laundered clothes in tip top condition, I need of Radiant Colour Care.

  22. The Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours would be my choice, as life’s too short not to live it full of colour, hence helping my clothes retain its would make my day!

  23. Training the boys in the house…I give up,
    Sorting never happens…they are a dud.
    Radiant no-sort would solve my troubles,
    Crisp whites, bright reds, no more washing day kerfuffle!

  24. No-Sort would be perfect, so the males in our house wouldn’t have to play 20 questions every time they try to do a load of washing… What about this? And this?” “OH and can I put in this? Does this count as a dark?”

  25. What a perfect Product, while i don’t mind doing washing No-Sort would be perfect with two small children and a hubby who cannot understand why sorting clothing is required. Not to mention how fun it would be to confuse my mother as she emptied the machine with unsorted but perfectly clean clothes!

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