Pot-holders – Before

Before I started the Big Boy Bed Quilt Cover, I had  a first go at machine sewing appliques with a flower template I found at FreeApplique.com. I used fabric scraps leftover from my Weekender Tote.


I was happy with the results and decided to make them up into pot-holders (since I was seriously lacking in this department – the one I owned was in serious need of a wash!).
A pocket for my hand seemed like a good idea, and I used two layers of an old towel to fill the main side, and an extra layer for the part going over my hand. I also made my own bias tape, using the tutorial on Subtle Tee.
I had no idea how to apply the bias tape, but I thought I’d just give it a go. Let me tell you, getting 1/2” wide bias tape over 3 layers of towel and 4 layers of fabric is not easy. Especially when you don’t know to sew one side on first before you fold it over and you haven’t quilted the fabric. I decided to round off the corners as I did think I could handle square corners. Umm, that didn’t really work out too well either! Funnily enough, I never bothered to take photos of the finished product.
Well, after a few months of abuse in my kitchen (I am not kind to pot-holders), my darling husband left one a little too close to the gas burner on the stove. Yep, my pot-holder caught on fire!

(I told you I was rough on my pot-holders!)
(Have I really just published this for the whole world to see?)

So that is the sad story of my first attempt at pot-holders. I had a much better effort with the Star Wars pot-holders I made for my brother, but still had a way to go. Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week…

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